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Ramadan in Dubai -The best time to visit Dubai

Planning to travel to Dubai? A visit to Dubai, amid the holy month of Ramadan, will give you a quick look of another facet of the magical city. The otherwise busy city taking a slower pace of life, Ramadan in Dubai is considered at one of the best times in Dubai to visit and experience the cultural and traditional practices, authentic food and indulge in the festive mood. Understanding the tradition and story line of the festive season helps you ensure that you remain respectful to the local culture. We have provided a brief guide about Ramadan in Dubai below to help you out with each and everything efficiently

Things to do in Dubai during Ramadan

Visit the Mosques in Dubai :Visiting the mosques in Dubai during Ramadan, will make you understand the culturally enriching experience, by giving you a visual treat and idea of the religious significance of the festival. You can visit the places like the grand Jumeirah Mosque, the eco-friendly Khalifa Tajer Mosque, Imam Hussein Mosque, Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque as there are some essentials mosques in Dubai.

A visit to main attractions of Dubai :Almost all the significant landmarks, theme parks, malls and tourist attractions in Dubai are open during the season and offer great discounts on ticket prices. Relatively the places are empty during Ramadan at daytime, which are otherwise busy and crowded throughout the year

Enjoy Iftar :If you want to travel for a culturally enriching experience in Dubai, and would not mind the hot weather, Ramandan in Dubai would prove to be the best trip for you. You can pick great deals on flights, hotels, tickets and even food during the festival days since it is not peak tourist season in UAE. Easily apply for your Dubai visa and make all the preparations for travelling to Dubai this Ramadan. The only things you need to be aware of the scenario in Dubai during this time is the significance of the holy month and certain public etiquette to follow, so that you can enjoy your holiday during this festive season without offending the religion and their culture in Dubai.All the hotels in Dubai offer you an all you can eat Iftar feast during Ramadan in Dubai, serving authentic and delicious Arabic dishes. These fasts in Ramadan are usually broker after the evening prayers (Maghrib) by consuming water and dates, followed by a wholesome meal constituting multiple courses and cuisines.

Shopping and entertainment during Ramadan :

Enjoy exclusive Ramadan offers in shopping centers and malls and huge discount ticket fares at fun places like the Motiongate, SkiDubai, Wild wadi and other theme parks in Dubai. Other than this there are many Ramadan and Iftar deals at restaurants and eateries.

You can also visit the busy night markets that illuminate the city as soon as the sun sets. There are many stalls which are entirely put up for Ramadan special night shopping, as the Ramadan night Market at Za’abeel Hall World trade Center Dubai. This market has over 400 shopping outlets, interactive workshops, kid’s area and many more.

Ramadan in Dubai :

The Islamic calendar is Lunar and the months of Ramadan in Dubai starts and ends with the eyeball of the new moon. Other than that, a committee of religious leaders, astronomers and government officials confirm the dates of sighting of the crescent moon known as Hilal and the beginning of Ramadan, in UAE. Also a Ramadan calendar is released annually, listing the time for morning and evening prayers and meals to make it systematic. Dubai’s fast pace of life slows down a bit during the daytime on Ramadan – with the working hours of offices, schools and shops getting shorten than usual. Most of the malls and shopping centers of Dubai open at their ordinary time, but some shops remain closed during the day and would only open after sunset, so check their timings twice before you go out for shopping during Ramadan

  • Most the restaurants and bars will not be open during the day in Ramadan times, but there are some designated cafes and restaurants for tourists and those not fasting, permitting only indoor dining, in malls and discrete areas, veiled by dark sheets.
  • People both men and women, are expected to dress conservatively during Ramadan in Dubai, you should cover yourself from shoulder till knees. While Dubai is very lenient throughout the year, it is advisable to refrain from wearing shorts, exposing and tight clothes during the month of Ramadan, to not offend the locals. However in your hotel rooms, private pools and beaches at home you can wear the clothing of your choice
  • Opening and closing times of malls and other attractions change during Ramadan as some extend till late night. Operating time of the metro and tram services also varies, and the hours are announced in the local media or news.