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SEAFEX Dubai – A True Venture for Business Expansion

Deemed as the First and the only event based on Exclusive Sea food, SEAFEX Dubai offers this tantalizing opportunity to all the food lovers to satisfy their taste buds! An Annual Event, SEAFEX will be held in Dubai from 30th October to 1st November 2018. These three days will bring the exclusive rights to not only enjoy mouthwatering sea delicacies, but to spread the business by meeting the right crowd! Entrepreneurs in Frozen food business have already been practicing the tactics to be used to be ahead in the game.

With Pisciculture attaining sky high reputation in the world market by 2020, The SEAFEX Dubai event has caught the eyes of aspiring business junkies as a mine filled with gold! More than 15,000 buyers from worldwide looking specifically to technological & productive innovations the event has to offer, SEAFEX has now acquired the status of Global hub for Fisheries! Every market giant wants to explore the new territories to expand the business to new heights! For many stakeholders, Middle East & Africa region presents this lucrative chance of business scaling that they can’t resist at all!

The event is a well-organized Cinderella dream project with management playing the role of a juggler filling every spectator with the thrills of well executed events full of learning &Business knowledge!

The important areas covered from business aspect are:                     

  1. Sea food
  2. Value Added products
  3. Productivity Tools
  4. Extra Condiments

For a better understanding, a further bifurcation to the above mentioned categories is as

Sea Food

a) Live Sea food            

b) Chilled Sea Food       

c) Frozen Sea Food

Value Added Products

a) Canned Products       

b) Ready to Consume Products    

c) Breaded Products       

d) Private Label Products

Productivity Tools

a) Packaging tools & technology 

b) Storing technology     

c) Equipment’s

Extra Condiments

a) Ingredients   

b) Seasonings    

c) Sauces          

d) Dressings      

e) Preservatives

Plan for this visit and see the world meeting under a single roof !