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The beach life of Dubai – Your way to a holiday escort

Dubai is the country known for its gold souks and oil wells but over the past decade, Dubai has emerged as an exotic holiday destination making millions of visitors to apply for Dubai visa from all around the globe. The luxurious accommodations of Dubai and their warm hospitality make it a destination to fall for. On top of that, the crystal clear waters of the Arabian Gulf and its astonishing beach life are the real heart stealers. If you are thinking to go for a holiday trip and searching for a holiday destination then these fascinating features of the Dubai beaches will definitely make you apply for Dubai tourist visa

  • The beaches in Dubai either free or paid, score number one position in terms of cleanliness and discipline. A few of them like the Jumeirah beach park and the Mamzer Beach Park has been awarded the Blue flag status by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) for maintaining beach standards; which is pretty cool.
  • The heart stealing scenic beauty of the Dubai beaches, the breathtaking views of sunset and sun rise combined with the experience of feeling the golden sand under your feet is a must experience feeling for anyone who admires natural beauty.
  • There are numerous activity options to explore on Dubai beaches. Although if you go for a paid beach, the quantum of facilities and enjoyable activities will be comparatively high as compared to the free beaches. However, the free beaches like the kites beach are also a must explore destination for travel and adventure lovers. This amazing beach offers adventurous kite surfing rides and also provides an area for playing outdoor sports like beach football and volleyball.
  • The beach side accommodations provided by some paid beaches are also a wonderful option to secure a memorable stay in Dubai. Based on your preference, you may spend your days and nights in fully air-conditioned rooms with all the luxurious services or outside under the open sky with a gulf sea view.
  • The Dubai beaches like the Jumeirah beach park and the Mumzer beach park has something special to offer for ladies with their special “ladies only days” to give a comfortable and free environment to all the female beach visitors. The best part of the ladies only days is the female staff who assist the females visitors to enjoy in their comfort zone.
  • Most of the Dubai beaches are free and the chargeable ones are really affordable with a small fee payment of 1 to 5 dhs or so, making the Dubai beach stretches accessible for all classes of visitors, which is great.

Long thing short, the Dubai beach life is completely splendid and is a must experience for every visitor. If you haven’t applied for your tourist visa for Dubai then don't sit idle anymore. Just apply for your Dubai visa online to experience a perfect holiday destination. The process is even more simplified by private agencies by providing online Dubai visa application options and leaving room for you to enjoy your trip