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Dubai Sports World – A Sports Extravaganza for Everyone

Dubai Sports World returns for its twelfth edition, operating at Dubai World Trade Centre till September 21 for the longest exhibition to date.

The approximately six-month-long event, which provides access to a variety of fun activities at indoor venues for fitness lovers, is currently at maximum capacity after being restricted during the pandemic.

You might wonder, where's the venue of this amazing event? In Za'abeel Halls 3 to 6 at Dubai World Trade Centre, there are amenities for various exciting sports like tennis, football, cricket, padel tennis, and badminton, among others, spanning 20,000 square metres.

There are 42 courts, including three five-a-side and three seven-a-side football fields and a cricket wicket with nets.

But, there’s more! So, before you get all excited and grab a Dubai visit visa, here are some interesting things and attractions of the Dubai Sports World.

What is the Dubai Sports World?

Dubai Sports World is the ideal paradise for every sportsman and athlete.

Dubai Sports World, orchestrated by Dubai World Trade Centre and Dubai Sports Council, is the largest indoor summer sports facility in the United Arab Emirates.

It is the ideal area for you to express your athletic side without being overheated by Dubai's scorching summers.

Some of the amenities in this exciting sporting venue are:

  • Three seven-a-side football pitches
  • Two tennis courts
  • Eighteen badminton courts
  • Eight table tennis tables and,
  • Three five-a-side courts will be available.

Love cricket? Fans will be able to practise batting and bowling on a wicket equipped with nets.

Two padel courts will accommodate one of the renowned sports in the globe, along with three basket and two volleyball courts.

Another first for the event is that the Dubai Sports World will also provide institution-like training opportunities in a variety of sports.

Similarly, you’ll come across some other sporting events such as the Dubai horse world cup and Dubai world cup racing.

Timings of the Dubai Sports World

Even though the normal hours of operation for DSW 2022 are 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m., the hours may vary for certain sports courts. It is always advisable to contact the program management and confirm a suitable time.

List of Sports that you can enjoy at the UAE Sports Tour

Dubai Sports World provides state-of-the-art facilities and fields for guests to engage in a variety of sports and events! Even though many of the past activities will not be offered this year, you can still relish basketball, tennis, badminton, cricket and many other sports.

Football :Would you like to play soccer at Dubai Sports World? Five magnificent football fields, suitable for either 5-a-side or 7-a-side competitions, are available to guests. Make this summer fun by competing against family and friends at the Dubai indoor football field.

Cricket : Play your own fierce cricket matches on the venue's one air-conditioned, 34-by-13-metre cricket pitch. There are safeguards and chairs available for onlookers, so come along with your cheering section!

Padel Tennis : Have you ever tried Padel Tennis? If not, the DSW 2022 is your opportunity! This relatively new sport is played with a string less racquet on a court shorter than a tennis court.

Padel which is regarded as one of the emerging and loved sports blends the concepts of badminton, tennis and squash.

The organizers realized this and provided one Padel court so that locals and foreigners can learn the sport and enjoy it with their loved ones.

Basketball :Do you feel like you are one of the best basketball players?

Display your abilities on the basketball courts at Dubai Sports World. Three basketball courts, each measuring 28.1 by 15.2 metres, are large enough to accommodate NBA games.

Volleyball :Indoor volleyball is also available at Dubai Sports World 2022. You will come across two amazing 18 x 9-metre courts that are available for rent at the event.

It does not matter if you are an amateur or a pro, as long as you enjoy the game.

Tennis : At the Dubai Sports World, you may engage in an exhilarating game of tennis! The venue's two tennis courts provide you with the ideal place to practise your shots or engage in some friendly competition.

Badminton :This year, this incredible site features nine badminton courts with quality rubber mats, giving Dubai locals ample area to demonstrate their skills. Each of the badminton courts at Dubai Sports World is 18 by 8 metres!

Table Tennis : In contrast to the previous season, Dubai Sports World 2022 will feature a table tennis-specific venue. Keeping in mind government laws for the prevention of Covid-19, each table will be limited to two individuals. Therefore, you must reserve your position in advance.

How to Reserve Courts at Dubai Sports World?

You may reserve courts and pitches at DSW via their website or mobile app. The DSW amenities can also be rented through on-site reservations.

You can request a court through Dubai Sports World's official site if you like to do so via online booking. You may also install their mobile app for quick pitch/court bookings on the fly.

Please allow sufficient time for the Dubai Sports World registration process if you're hiring courts through on-site booking.

Guidelines for Dubai Sports World Cup Participants

If you wish to participate in DSW 2022, you must abide by the following requirements.

  • The booking deadline for all Dubai Sports World facilities is 11 p.m. daily.
  • Visitors are advised to bring their own sports equipment to avoid disappointment and delays, as the facility has a restricted supply of sports equipment.
  • There is no admission to enter DSW, however, there is a leasing fee for using the courts and fields.
  • Prices for programs/sessions may vary based on the number of selected days, the availability of space, and other factors.
  • Guests must have their own toiletries and towels, while dressing rooms and bathing amenities are accessible nearby.
  • Prices and schedules for summer sports activities such as football and cricket training at Dubai Sports World can vary.

Check the official website for additional information on times and costs.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a Dubai UAE travel visa and take part in the exciting Dubai Sports World event with your family, friends or even colleagues after a long business meet!