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Visit Dubai to satisfy your love for diamonds because this is a diamond expert city 

Dubai is a fine place to buy the best quality diamonds, and the rates will amaze you when you will compare it to other places. The main reason behind this price margin could be the business module of Dubai that is tax-free, and of course because of Dubai’s location. Diamonds from India and South Africa don’t need to travel much to enter this country. Apart from holidays and dunes, don’t forget about Dubai diamond trading. The one interesting fact about diamonds, different from gold is that it is nearly hard to sell diamonds, and this city is ruling in such business. 

Not just for business purposes, you can also indulge in the beauty of this city as a buyer if you have an intense love for diamonds. Especially the ladies and the ones who love their ladies, because a diamond is the gift of ultimate lasting love. You don’t need to worry much about the details everything is shared below, just have your visa to Dubai and look at the 5 best places to buy diamonds in Dubai. 

Visit Dubai to satisfy your love for diamonds because this is a diamond expert city 

Gold souk of Dubai: Gold souk is popularly known for its wide collections and also for its location that is the heart of Dubai – “Deira district”. The rates of diamonds displayed here are a bit high, but the final rates depend on your negotiation skills 

Dubai Gold and Diamond Park: This is a huge mall especially famous for its jewelry stores which are approximately 60 retail shops in number. This place is a hub for diamond collections with a wide range of styles available. Purchasing from Dubai gold and Diamond Park will make you a good negotiator. 

Dubai diamond trading website: Internet-based shops are also there through which you can make online purchasing of jewelry. It’s good to buy some certified diamonds when you are purchasing online.

Joyallukas : This is one of the most popular jewelry stores having several branches across the city. This leading jewelry store in Dubai was the first one to be awarded the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 certifications and also this store was awarded by the ruler of Dubai. This store is truly the best visiting place for diamond lovers. Have your visa to Dubai and visit this store once. The lavishly modernized as well as historic store. 

Damas : Damas has its main headquarter in Dubai which is being recognized on an international level. The most exciting thing about the Damas is that they started this journey from a small gold shop, and now they are a brand that is being recognized globally. It has 300 stores in 6 countries and Dubai has its headquarters. 
Everything regarding the best diamond collections has been shared above. There’s no doubt in saying Dubai is a hub of diamonds. Have your visa for Dubai, which is also a very simple process. You can get your Dubai visa online via mail. Once you get it don’t forget to visit Dubai, this time to cherish its diamond beauty. You will fall in love and the center of attraction will be of course Dubai Gold and Diamond Park.