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Best Shopping Malls In Dubai 2016

Posted On: 29 Aug 2016

The United Arab Emirates May Be a Land Built on Sand but There Is Certainly No Drought When It Comes to Shopping. It Is the Ultimate Destination for a Shopaholic. Shopping Is One of the Most Popular Activities in Dubai, for the Locals and Tourists Alike. The Experience of Shopping in Dubai Is Indeed an Intriguing One. Malls in Dubai Are Realizations of Unrestrained Fantasy, Having Ski Slopes, Ice Rinks and Aquariums. They Look Like Ancient Persia, Futuristic Movie Sets or a Little Bit of Disneyland, Surrounded by Desert. Shopping Malls In Dubai Represent an Integral Part of the Culture and Lifestyle; They Are Not Just for Conspicuous Consumption but for Extravagant Entertainment and World Class Dining, Theme Parks and Extraordinary Architecture.

Best Shopping Malls In Dubai

The Souk Madinat, Inside the Madinat Jumeriah Hotel for Example, Boasts Its Own Waterway to Transfer People From Its Shops Bars and Restaurants, to Its Neighbouring Group of Hotels. The Gargantuan Mall of Emirates, Located in Al Barsha District Is Not Just a Mall but an Entire Shopping Resort With Multiplexes, Theme Parks and an Indoor Ski Slope With Real Snow. The Wafi Mall Provides a Unique Shopping Experience, Inspired by Both Modern Art as Well as the Legacies of Pharaohs Past; There Is an Extensive Collection of Artwork Throughout the Mall. Khan Murjan Souk Claims to Be an Example of Islamic Authenticity Unparalleled in Its Religion, Connecting Wafi Mall, Montblanc, Marks and Spencer’s With Raffles Hotel. The Dubai Mall Being the World’s Largest Mall Offers a Shopping Experience like No Other.

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