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Culture and lifestyle of Dubai are a bit different and loving

Dubai is a city that focuses a lot on culture and tradition. Due to the Dubai climate, the lifestyle in Dubai mostly includes those activities which could be done in the comfort of an air conditioning environment rather than outdoor activities like quad biking and playing with dunes. But it doesn't mean that you have nothing to explore in this city. Summertime is the best season made for shopping and indoor entertainment. Dubai culture is not so easy to go with, but at the same time, it's so respectful and loving to learn and be part of it. The way Dubai is growing and expanding its culture is capturing the attention of people from around the globe. To witness the beautiful culture of Dubai first get your Dubai tourist visa and enjoy your holiday in Dubai. Get a short glimpse of the culture and lifestyle of Dubai here.

Clothing and tradition:-

Most Emirati men and women dress in traditional style. Men wear a white ankle-length garment, called kandura with either a white or red head scarf. Whereas women wear abaya and hijab to cover their heads when they are outside. Though the new generation and youth are seen wearing western outfits, and in that too Dubai deals with a lot of varieties and brands. When we talk about brands and collections, the attraction of Dubai is shopping. This city is full of malls, souks, and stores that always welcome great offers. Shopping in Dubai is always satisfying and also comforting. Shops open from 8 am to 1 pm and then again reopen in the evening around 4.30 pm. whereas malls are air-conditioned so they remain open till the evening with great deals on brands. Dubai mall is the largest mall in the city which works on the philosophy of "Bigger is better".


Emirati cuisine is the perfect mixture of Middle-Eastern and Asian flavors. You will get the best tastes and options both in veg and non-veg. The most popular dishes especially for vegetarian is plain rice, homegrown vegetables, bread, yogurt, and dates. In the categories of non-vegetarian dishes, there is a list of delicious meat items like chicken, goat, or lamb. Dishes like stuffed camel, which is cooked for 24 hours in a pit, shawarma, kabsa, Arabic coffee, and dates are the main attraction of Emirati food culture. The various restaurants and fast-food outlets have delicious seafood in common on the menu.

Multicultural growth of Dubai:-

In December 2014, Dubai plan 2021 was launched. The main aim of this plan was to gain Dubai's position as a global center and leader in various fields. It was aimed to make it happen in 7 year time period. The main six areas of focus were: The people, The society, The experience, The place, The economy, and The government to make Dubai the best advanced and modernized city. With the idea of urbanization, the main focus was to improve the quality of life. Dubai has a welcoming culture for all nationality type people. But the visitors need to be aware of Dubai's culture and religious norms. Trust me Dubai has something for everyone to amaze. You can visit Dubai for your vacation to explore the outdoor as well as indoor activities, to know about the history and culture of Dubai, and to have the best shopping as well as cuisine taste experiences. All you need to have is your Dubai tourist visa, book your holiday packages and enjoy your best vacation time in this beautiful city. Along with the fun activities and modernizations, you will get to know a lot about the tradition and the cultural heritage of the Arabian and Persians here.