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Dubai And Its Festivals This Year!

Posted On: 09 May 2016

Dubai is a place where the celebrations and the festivals do not end even if the world ends. There is something or the other running in Dubai in order to entertain and favour people for itself. This is the reason people fall for Dubai so much even if they have not even visited once in life. And the people, who have visited Dubai, wish to keep visiting more often. There are so many festivals that keep happening every year and more often say as every alternate month. But have you visited and witnessed any of the festivals before? If you haven’t witnessed any of the Dubai Festivals, then make sure that you visit them this time. Believe us you will really love Dubai even more for having all these.

Dubai Food Festival:

Dubai Food Festival

This is one of the best festivals it has on records for all the foodie lovers. People from all over the world come to Dubai in order to be present for this food festival. Food and cuisines from more than 200 nationalities are displays and take part in this festival. If you happen to attend this festival you would get an idea of how many different type soft food and cuisines are prepared all around the world. Wouldn’t this be tempting and mouth-watering? Of course yes and you would die for some cuisine and you would not get much likes for the other. Depends on your taste entirely. People who live to eat and who hog without caring the world around must visit this place at least once in life.

Dubai Shopping Festival:

Dubai Shopping Festival

This is for all the shopaholics and the one who like to shop and shop till they drop. The Dubai Shopping Festival is usually in the second half of the year and just like the food festival, you would get to see all kinds of people and shops displaying their articrafts of their own country and nation in their displays. You would get to see the various specialties of nations under one hub in this hopping festival. If you love to spend hefty sum on gathering and collecting bags full of stuffs and love to go around shopping various things, then is the right place for you.

Dubai Film Festival:

Dubai Film Festival

This is for the entertainment and the media heads. If you like watching movies and getting into the television world then this is the best place for you. Dubai film festivals portray the best films selectively from the whole world and nationwide. You would love this if you have much idea about the entertainment industry.

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