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important tips to stay safe in Dubai hotels during this pandemic

Posted On: 21 Jan 2021

We are approaching towards the unlock phrases now, businesses are beginning again and many of us are inclined to go on vacations or business trips. Considering the COVID-19 pandemic to not end in the near future, we all have to comply with the new normal. We obviously cannot down the risk to zero, but at least do every little thing to minimize it. Therefore if you are travelling and planned to stay in any Dubai hotels, make sure you follow all the safety precautions. For convenience we have mentioned the important tips to stay safe in Dubai hotel below:

1.Travel to a safe destination – Inaugural trip for a safe travel is choosing your destination wisely and avoiding the place which has a higher number of cases. Although there is no guarantee as in a hotel people come from different corners of the country however taking a pre decision is always good.
2. Before you reach search about the hotels safety Measures – We would suggest that before you make a reservation in the hotel, you should check the safety measures they are taking to protect their guests. Also check if the staff is adhering to the WHO recommendations like wearing masks and providing hand sanitizers in common areas frequently. If you find the hotel transparent about its policies and has communicated the same on its website, it is certainly a good sign for you.

3.Maintain social distancing and don’t forget to wear a mask all the time

You need to make sure that you adhere to all the safety precautions of COVID-19  suggested by WHO which includes wearing a mask, avoid social contact and touching surfaces, washing your hands regularly. We need to remember that we are still in the midst of a pandemic which is very disastrous.

4.Try to check-in in a room which was vacant for sometime –As per the warning of WHO Corona virus can live up to 72 hours on different surfaces including metal and plastic which means that there is substantially a high risk if you take a room that the previous guest left right before you. Therefore to stay safe ask for a room that is vacant from sometime.

5.Sanitize everything before use  – Despite hotels should properly sanitize the rooms and everything before the guest enters, to double down will add to your own safety. Therefore opt for sanitizing everything again by yourself just like the room then the things that you are going to use, you should take care of the plastic and metal substances specially. You can also take your own towel for avoiding the situations.

6.pen the windows of the room for Ventilation – As per the new and recent acknowledgment you should look for a properly ventilated room and keep the windows open to let the fresh air in as the risk of airborne transmission is higher in indoor spaces.

7.Decline house Keeping services – While you are in the hotel you can decline for housekeeping services as it will minimize your contact with the works of the hotel. There is no harm in being extra cautions as this is a severe pandemic.8.

8.Avoid the common facilities of the hotel –In spite of the hotel opening all its facilities, it is advisable not to use them. Common hotel amenities like gym and spa can cause some serious problems as the use of masks may be quite challenging at such places.

We should adhere to all these so that we can prevent ourselves from this pandemic. Our safety is in our hands. It is very obvious that we have to travel due to business needs and we cannot stop it anyhow, but instead we can take care of rest things which are in our hands while travelling. These important tips to stay safe in Dubai hotels will prove very helpful to you.