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Know more about Tourist Visa to Dubai

Introduction: Are you thinking of travelling to Dubai? The first step is getting your Tourist Visa to Dubai. Dubai is growing faster and the economic also increases every year because the city offers a huge potential for tourists, from exotic tours to tax-free shopping. The city is prepared to receive tourists, they are open minded, the skin color does not matter.

But, as usual, before you can travel to this city, you must have a UAE Tourist Visa. You need to know some of the Dubai Visa Information. There are several types of Tourist Visa to Dubai.  Visa types are multiple entry visas, tourist visas and transit visas.

Description: Dubai visit visa is for those person who are planning to travel to Dubai for more than 14 days. For prompt family members, the visit visas can get by a local sponsor. With the short visa you can stay in UAE for 30 days or 90 days of stay with the long visa, but with no additional extensions allowable according to the UAE visa.

Tourist visas are a designated for a specific group of individuals that come from countries, like Cuba, East and West Europe, Albania, Russia, Mexico, Cyprus, Ukraine, Malta, Singapore, Hellenic Republic, Kingston, Belize, China and Bulgaria just to tag a few, according the UAE consulate.

Transit visas only permit the traveler stays in UAE for 96 hours. This is usually designed for who has a connecting flight to another country from UAE with at least 8 hours stay. This is usually supported by the airlines of the traveller who has the connecting flight. Some countries, for example Afghanistan are not authorized for the 96-hour visa.

Multiple entry visas are visas that permit you to arrive and departure UAE for a period of 6 months from the issue date of the visa, after that it will be allowed 30 days per entry. It’s common for business visitors and it can be obtained within UAE after you got the first visit visa.

If you are organizing your trip and get your long term or a short term visit visa, there are some requirements steps:

1. Application form, it can be obtained from the UAE visa center.

2. Clear photo scan of passport for all the passengers.

3. Marriage contract. It needs to be valued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the UAE Embassy.

4. Birth certificates. These also need to be valued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the UAE Embassy.

5. Travel insurance

6. Photography