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Now Bubble Tea Cravings Can Be Satisfied At Dubai Mall And Other Places

Posted On: 28 May 2016

Now people coming from all over the world do not have to kill their cravings for their favorite drinks as many malls in Dubai has opened. All the international Brands are now here to serve you in Dubai when you come here on Dubai Tourist Visa.

I like mocha, tea and Frappuccino which are easily available just round the corner, Bubble tea is one of my favorite and which I used to get easily when I was in UK. But when I arrived first in Dubai on Dubai Tourist Visa For 30 Days, I was like ‘OMG’ had to travel very far to get one cup of Bubble tea. Getting decent bubble tea is like an exercise which involved a hectic drive to Sino Chai Teahouse. But in past couple of years, special bubble tea cafes have started serving up in Dubai Mall, Sharjah, and the Deira City Center Metro station; also some of the restaurants also serve bubble tea.

What Is Bubble Tea?

Picture your daily cup of tea with milk and sugar now cover it up and shake it up, it gets foamy and bubbly. Now put a “boba” (they are small black tapioca balls about 1mm, and made from the starch of the cassava root) in it and add possible additives and it is immediately changed into bubble tea.

The first occurrence of bubble tea was seen in Taiwan in the 1980. Now after 3 decades, there are numerous variants subject to type of tea (jasmine, Earl Grey, green, etc.), additives (taro, sesame almond, etc.), or fruity (strawberry, mango, lychee, etc.) that is being used nowadays. The tea can be prepared as hot or cold and coffee variants are also now available.

People Like Me Coming From UK On DUBAI VISA

Every time I am at Dubai Mall, I sure to visit Bubbles & Boba where staff dress in grey headscarves and pink T-shirts create your separate bubble tea choice in a shaky-shaky-mixer thing and then void seal the cup with a pliable lid where you then inset the pointy end of a fat colorful chaff to begin shipping and eating.

When I first visited couple of months back, I was super thrilled to see my favorite taro flavor on the list of options but swiftly bubbled down my delight as it regularly occurs in Dubai that what’s itemized is not always offered. Obviously, there was no taro to be served that day.

They have numerous of free tasters for you to try in advance pledging to a full-cup size.

I tried their unique flavor, the Assam milk tea with tapioca and Thai milk tea with tapioca and ordered a small Thai tea which was very sufficient, just the right sugariness for me, and the tapioca pearls were correctly chewy. Noodle House previously served bubble tea in their Dubai Marina branch but soon removed the items from their menu however they were not once achieved correct tapioca stability anyhow.

The finest bubble tea I’ve experienced in Dubai is at Bubbles & Boba started serving at Sino Chai restaurant in Healthcare City.