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The wait is over for Dubai Food Festival 2021

Posted On: 23 Mar 2021

Foodies listen up as we have some exciting news for you. Dubai Food festival is back for 2021 – so cheer yourself up and get ready for a tasty offering. It will be the eight and annual edition of the festival, which runs across Dubai and it is coming this month. Dubai Food Festival will run from Tuesday March 25th until Saturday April 17th.

Organized by Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment (DFRE), this year’s festival will feature an exciting line-up of bespoke dining experiences and gastronomic activities, including Etisalat Beach Canteen, Dubai Restaurant Week, Hidden Gems and Foodie Experiences; showcasing the best of Dubai’s diverse food offering.

Food festivals serve as platforms for sharing agro-biodiversity, and are a cultural expression of traditional food and agricultural traditions. They allow people to exchange ideas and highlight the challenges that indigenous people face, empowering communities with a sense of ownership.

What is the Dubai Food Festival 2021 all about?

The annual 18-day fest is a pinnacle and celebration of business from all over the world. You will find everyone here, from foodies looking to explore the array of delicacies, master chefs, and traditional restaurants, five star establishments, to celebrities all coming together to dine, party and chill! This is not at all, many enthusiasts look forward to the curated experiences, including masterclasses by top chefs, culinary workshops, themed experimental tours, exclusive tasting lists from the most exquisite restaurants and so much more.

Is the entry to the Dubai Food Festival free ?

The entry tickets to the popular food streets events are generally free. But, the food is paid while charges depend on the restaurants and the dishes you choose from the endless options provided.

Where is the Dubai Food Festival held ?

The Dubai Food Festival is usually an 18-day long celebration and does not always have a fixed venue. Ever year it usually takes place in different locations across the city. So, make sure you are updated on the latest schedules so that you ca n plan your trip to Dubai plus enjoy the exciting offers and mouth-watering food.


Not that you are eager to find out about the foodie treats that await you, let’s take a tour around the Dubai Food Festival.

Things to do at the Dubai Food Festival

  • Etisalat beach Canteen : Tasty treats by the beach sound like a perfect start. This is one of the hottest spots of the DFF with food trucks lines across the Jumeirah beach. Whether, you want to try out homegrown food samples, street food or quirky desserts, the canteen satisfies foodies of all tastes and budgets. So make sure you get early and reserve your spot across the shores because you also have the pop-up shops, live events and Dubai Food Festival Fireworks to look forward to.
  • Hidden gems of Dubai : There are always these small outlets that serve authentic food at affordable price rates which might go unnoticed by the large portion of people. The DFF gives its visitors a chance to have a taste of the traditional delicacies without emptying their pockets while awarding them the status they deserve. Discover these treasures in the neighborhoods of Deira, Jumeirah, Umm Suqeim and other parts of the city. You can also put your favorite one on the spotlight by voting for them.
  • Street food of City Walk : While hosting one of the top glamorous events, DFF also hosts a couple of City Walk’s in popular department stores like the Le BHV Marais and Galeries Lafayette wherein they set up their own street food fairs. Giving all the visitors an opportunity, to have a feel and taste of international dishes from some of the city’s best and signature restaurants. The vibe of the place with the festive jazz, entertainment and live music is something that shouldn’t be missed. So, keep hogging and walking around!
  • Endless food competitions : Can you gulp 10 chicken pops in one sitting? Or finish a full bucket of fries under 15 minutes? Or maybe devour a mystery box. Well, if you already feel that you can, these are just a few of a whole lot that awaits you. These competitions take place at multiple locations across the city. So gear up because you have the chance to win some exciting prices and dining coupons of popular restaurants. Moreover, make sure you take your gang along for some motivation!
  • Dubai restaurant week : Adding to the glam of the DFF, the Dubai restaurant week stars an impressive line-up of fine dining restaurants. Foodies get an opportunity to enjoy the unique curated two-and three-course set menus of some of the most sought after restaurants of Dubai. This mainly features the creative food scene while allowing diners to take a culinary tour around the world at the most subsidized prices. Thus, you wouldn’t want to miss this golden opportunity when in Dubai.

Top restaurants in the Dubai restaurants week: Al Nafoorah, Scalini, BOHO, Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra, Bread street kitchen and Trattoria Toscana

  • Cookery Lessons :  Not only does the DFF provide you with an endless list of food options, but this extravagant gala gives you an opportunity to learn your favorite dishes by conducting masterclasses with top chefs of the world. Learn the art of Sushi making or maybe learn some Vietnamese rolls and make it for your loved ones back home. You can also get to know the world-class techniques and secret ingredients that culminate into a flavorsome dish.
  • Dine and Win :  It’s time for the big win! The DFF organizes a Dine and Win contest which gives its visitors a chance to win exciting goodies, tickets to live shows and a lot more. All you have to do is, spend a minimum of AED 50 on the food stalls or any restaurant and get hands on the scratch card that might be the lucky one. The scratch card comes with enticing deals, coupons, vouchers, Zomato memberships and a much more. The big win contestant of DFF 2019 zoomed off with that of a brand new GAC GA8, valued at AED140,000! YES, that is massive!

We are sure that you are all ready to indulge in this unique and fantastic Dubai Food Festival 2021. So re-check the dates and block your calendars because you wouldn’t want to miss these irresistible delights. A blissful celebration of everything gastronomic, the Dubai Food Festival 2021 awaits you!

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