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Visit Dubai Dolphinarium – Swim with dolphins

Posted On: 04 Aug 2018


Dubai – One of the seven emirates of UAE is home to many popular and exciting tourist attractions. Tourists with Express Dubai Visa make full use of Internet to search about these attractions and prioritize their journey accordingly. One such attraction that is like a relief point is Dubai Dolphinarium!


Dubai Dolphinarium is located in Bur Dubai. It is a home to aquatic species like bottle nose dolphins and seals. To provide a comfortable stay and environment to these species, This Dolphinarium is completely air conditioned.  The park was brought to life after the cumbersome efforts from Dubai Municipality in the year 2008. With the full support from Dubai Government, this place has become an important entertainment yet educational spot for children and students. Many Tourists with 90 days Dubai Visa and Express Dubai Visa visit this place each year.

The main attraction of this Dolphinarium is the Dolphin & Seal show. With the seating capacity of over 1200, it hosts three shows in a day to entertain the visitors.  Those who want to get close to these fabulous bottle nose dolphins may register in advance with the management’s program of Dolphin Planet. Kids can exclusively swim with these dolphins with Majestic Swim program. If you want to get your picture clicked kissing or hugging a dolphin, you may register with Dolphin meet & greet program that is open for all age groups.

Apart from featuring marine life, the Dolphinarium also hosts a unique show of exotic birds. These birds have been collected from all over the world. It gives an immense pleasure to watch these exotic birds play games and interact with people. Those who want to capture these beautiful moments may register with feed the birds program. You can get your pictures clicked with these fabulous birds!


To keep the enthusiasm high, Dubai Dolphinarium also holds other attractions to surprise their visitors. A few of these attractions are:

  • Mirror Maze: Find your way without getting baffled.
  • 7D Cinema Experience: A pre captured 3D footage projected with 5D and &D technologies and amazing sound effects to make to feel a part of the cinema.
  • Virtual reality: Experience the latest computer technology enabling you to deceive your senses and interact with a virtual world. Just don’t let them over power the reality though!

You should plan an entire day to cover this Dolphinarium. Feeling hungry! Don’t worry! You are mere a few steps away from the collection of a variety of Asian delights. Dubai Dolphinarium has happy valley restaurant catering to the visitors and ensure there is no leak in the fun.

Dubai Municipality ensures encouraging students and hosts a summer camp for kids during vacation.

Though this place faced loads of criticism in the beginning about Dolphin welfare, it has managed to answer all the critics by the success and care it has shown with evolution!

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