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Finally I got my Dubai visa! I've applied on 05-12-14 and within the timeframe of 3 to 4 days they delivered my Visa. I am quite happy with their services. Cheers!!

It was the most reliable service we have ever had. Wonderful experience with the

No complications. No last minute confusions. No hurry burry. Smooth service with no hurdle. iDubai visa - way to go.

I had applied for the visa and with such a short time I received my visa. It helped me a lot in my emergency situation. You guys are the best service provider anyone can ever have.

The Support team of and its services are really great and are in a very reasonable price. I did not have to pay as much as other people usually do for their visas and services.

The services provided by are all hassle free and hurdle free. You don’t have to run around for getting the visa.

Thank you so much Dubai visa service. In just 24 hours I received my visa online. The service was very friendly and attentive staff. I highly recommend Dubai visa service is fast and without hassle.

With Dubai visa service I got my visa very fast with inexpensive price and an amazing customer service. I sent my documents on 3rd November 2014 and I received my visa on 4th November 2014. Thank you, great job.

Fantastic service! It was my first experience with Dubai visa service and I’m really happy. The process was so fast, I sent my documents and in one day I got my visa online. Thank you Dubai visa service.

Great service! I submitted my application on Tuesday morning and received my visa on Wednesday morning. In 24h I got my visa, I’m really grateful. Next time, I’ll apply again with Dubai visa service, amazing job guys.

The service was very fast, after I submitted my online application, they immediately send me an e-mail to confirm the order and I got my Dubai visa just in one day. Thank you Dubai visa service.

Dubai Visa Service was extremely efficient, I required my visa for Ramadan season and one day I got my Dubai visa. I absolutely recommend the service, thank you!

Thank you for the wonderful service. I’m really grateful for the quick visa service for my family. We got our Dubai visa in 24 hours. Excellent job and attentive staff!

Dubai visa service provided me a great experience! The company was flexible to my needs, I required the visa on Wednesday in the morning and Friday morning I got my visa online. Excellent client service!

I am pleased with the Dubai visa service. I got my Dubai visa in one day. The client service was impeccable. I highly recommend the service, thank you.

Thank you Dubai Visa service to provide Dubai visa for all my family in just 1 day. I’m so grateful to enjoy my holidays without hassle. Great job!

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